Antimony is the chemical element with the symbol Sb and atomic number 51. It occurs naturally as sulphide mineral Stibnite (Sb2S3). It is a silvery, lustrous grey metalloid.  It is too soft in nature. It is therefore alloyed with other elements like Lead to increase its durability. 

Uses and Applications

Flame Retardants

Antimony trioxide is used in flame proofing compounds. The trioxide is used in combination with halogented flame retardants. These flame retardants obtained are in the markets like children’s clothing , toys, aircraft and automobile seat covers.


By alloying antimony with lead, the hardness and mechanical strength is increased valuably. Antimony is used in anti-friction alloys in bullet and lead shot, electric cable sheathing, solder etc. 

other Applications

> Antimony is highly used in semi-conductors as a dopant

> Used as a fining agent to remove microscopic bubbles in glass mostly for TV screens

> It is widely used in pigments