Sodium Hydroxide


Sodium Hydroxide is an ionic compound with the chemical formula NaOH. It contains sodium cation and hydroxide anion. It readily absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide present in air. There are common names such as Caustic Soda, Sodium Hydrate. White Caustic, Lye etc.


Pure sodium hydroxide is colorless, crystalline solid with very high melting and boiling points (mp = 318 °C ; bp = 1388 °C). It shows high solubility in water.

CAS number : 1310 – 73 – 2 

Chemical Formula : NaOH

Molecular Formula : 40 g/mol

IUPAC name : SodiumHydroxide

Packaging : 25/50 kg bags, HDPE bags with polyliner inside

Storage : Tightly packed containers

Uses and Applications

  • Used as a popular strong base in industry. Around 56% produced is used by industry; 25% of which is used by paper industry.
  • Used in the manufacture of detergents, salts, pH regulation.
  • Widely used for neutralization of acids or increasing alkalinity of solutions.
  • Used in salt spray testing
  • Used by petroleum industry as an additive in drilling mud
  • Poor quality crude oil uses NaOH to remove sulfuric impurities. This process is called as Caustic Washing.
  • Used in pulping wood to make papers
  • Has been traditionally used in making soaps (Saponification)
  • Used in washing and chemical peeling of fruits, vegetables and other food items.
  • Frequently used in industrial cleaning. It can dissolve grease, oil, fats and proteins.
  • Used in water purification to increase the pH of water.
  • Helps in homogenization of cement mixture.